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understand the word risk was used and my understanding of that is it refers to high consequence area and that is a definition in pipeline regulatory terms that relates to population density and not to the strength or integrity of the. >> are the folks over this pipeline are they in some danger or risk? >> we have thoroughly surveyed all of our gas transmission facilities up and down there and they checked out safe. >> reporter: i mentioned pipeline 132 was identified as one of the top 100 at risk by pg&e in it's material, but actually the la times is reporting that the mosque at risk -- most risk ---- at risk -- a lot of people are worried. a man called pg&e and said he smelled gas. they sent a crew that reported there is a small amount of natural gas in the area. this is happening. folks are worried and not to meaning the concern as these pipelines are right underneath neighborhoods and in fact a lot of people here want to know, a lot of people across the state want to know, how come they are not told that when they buy a home. a lot of the officials hearsay they need to make a way
the nondescript warehouse and asked us not to show the address because they are worried about security. >> we do not produce this for the general public this is only produced for medical co-ops who sell it for very desperately ill patients it is a very close system. >> it is against federal law what do you do about that? >> it is legal under california law. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney general said the feds will not go after those obeying state law but isn't the union staking a risk? >> we can't use union money to get someone out of jail or anything like that. hopefully it will never come to anything like that. >> reporter: as the marijuana industry continues to blossom, union recruitment will increase. new fingers for the song of solidarity. ♪ [ music ] >>> a coalition of medical marijuana advocates came out against prop 19 the california cannabis association says that measure would harm patients allowing local governments to prohibit sale of it in their areas. supporters say it will provide safer and easier access to medical marijuana. >> four years since california executed anyone, and th
the house but now we're told something else was found -- uranium. that's the radioactive chemical used in dirty bombs or armor- piercing ammunition. >> at this point what his motive was it to have that material present, we don't know. >> reporter: there was a body decaying in a bedroom and another one in the backyard and the suspect stayed in that house. it appeared at first, they were chopped up. investigators called it the a scene from "the sigh lens of the lambs." police sources say riddenhour allowed valdemoro to move into the house but then he turned into a terror. >> she would scream. and ee fran -- efren would tell her to shut up. >> reporter: now police, don't know if ritenhouse is the killer or valdemoro. we're told ritenhouse is a engineer for a company in suisun. right now there's evidence linked to the two bodies found in the house. there's also no explanation as to why all of those explosives were found in a house. while two bodies can be linked to valdemoro, right now three cannot. and authorities fear with his death last night answers of what happened to those three indi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3